लांब पल्ल्याच्या वाहतुकीदरम्यान भाजीपाला ताजे कसा ठेवावा?

- 2021-06-22-

भाजीपाला संवर्धन ही खरोखर मोठी समस्या आहेभाजी distribution, especially in the long-distance transportation process, once the preservation work is not done well, the भाजीs are not good in appearance, and the भाजीs are corrupt and inedible. Therefore, it is particularly important to do a good job of protecting fresh भाजीs. So how to keep भाजीs fresh during long-distance transportation? What are the methods for keeping भाजीs fresh during long-distance transportation?
Four common fresh-keeping methods for भाजी long-distance transportation

load‘´ सर्वप्रथम, लोड करण्यापूर्वीभाजीs, the भाजीs and the carriage should be lowered to a suitable temperature for transportation, and the refrigeration equipment should be turned off when loading and unloading.
कार लोड केल्यावर, दरवाजा उघडण्याची संख्या कमी करा आणि वातानुकूलन तोटा होऊ नये म्हणून प्रयत्न करा.
ec‘µ दुसरे म्हणजे, भोवतालच्या हवेचा प्रवाह कमी कराभाजीs during transportation, because the flow of air will cause the loss of moisture in the भाजीs. This is why many people put भाजीs in the cellar instead of outside.
⑶The packaging of भाजीs is also particular, because the permeability of the packaging determines the degree of moisture loss of भाजीs. Generally speaking, we use cartons or paper bags to pack. Compared with unpackaged भाजीs, it can effectively reduce moisture lost.
⑷There is also a need to maintain the humidity of the भाजीs and the air, as well as shade, especially in the hot summer, it is still necessary to maintain the humidity of the भाजीs, but it should not be too humid, moderate is good, we can spend a certain time Pour a little water on it.